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Asalam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu this bus was bought for the poor community/people especially for Janazah's as people had to walk approximately 4 to 5km . Now with this bus many people can be transported to a Janazah and back.

Hazrat Sheikh KMM Burhani

Asalam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu every year sheigh Burani the founder and chairman of Markaz Hadi Alam Welfare foundation Burhan sharif Rahim Yar Khan Punjab Pakistan gives Orphanage (boys and girls), widows, poor people and needy families new clothes and Eid-E this year was on 21/05/2020. However, this year due to lockdown this wasn't possible, the two major problems was there were double the amount of poor/needy families to help, and funds were drastically short due to not being able to see Donors face to face/lockdown. I have taken loans to help. I decided to not buy any new clothes for EID for myself by trying to assist many people who were not invited to the programme due to lack of funding. I am now in a position with loans plus trying to help poor people who couldn't be helped. If you have any zakaat sadaqa, lillah or fitra pls donate now urgently within 3 days for poor/needy families. I myself will not make Eid this year because I feel ashamed of not being able to help all the people. Sheigh Burani and the Committee say JazakAllah to all the people who contributed to this joyous occasion. May Allah swt reward you all abundantly for your help. Ameen

Asalam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu it's sheigh Burani Al Qadri here from Pakistan. I sent a request to you, but maybe you not in position to help me, but I ask you at the very least to please please read my message (this message). Markazhadialamwelfarefoundation has 718 students of mixed boys and girls, these students get Eid clothes and Eid cash gift from me at Eid. There are 324 widows also getting new clothes and Eid cash gift.
Please take TWO MINUTES out of your day and go to my website to see what work I am doing.
This EID is the most difficult, I have ever had. Can you please help with these poor/needy families, orphans and widows by giving your Zakaat, Lillah Sadaqa and Fitra.
One orphan is aprx R200/pkr 1600/USD 3600 and a widow aprx R350/pkr 6200. If you can make these poor families happy as you do your own family members, how happy Allah swt will be with you.
At the time of me giving them their Eid & Eid clothes from you, I will send you a video of them receiving it, that you can see exactly where your zakaat/lillah/sadaqa or fitra went.
As there's very limited time I urge you to help ASAP.
From sheigh Burani founder of Markazhadialamwelfarefoundation in Pakistan, Rahim yar Khan Burhan Sharif.

Asalam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakathu message from sheigh BURANI founder of Markazhadialamwelfarefoundation in Pakistan.
Please read my entire urgent message. Shukran JazakAllah.
In Markashadialam there are 718 students in total studying (407 boys 311girls) Islamic studies & school curriculum from gr 1 to matric.
Students are orphans and Needy families plus we supply medical care to the entire community.
By 20th Feb 2020 I must supply books, stationary,uniforms & bags for 718 students.
The total cost of the above is approximately R165k /71k USD.
I kindly request you, your family and your friends to make donations of Zakaat/Lillah/Sadaqa into either of the below listed bank accounts.
Please send dep slip to this same WhatsApp.
May Allah SWT reward you abundantly for your donation.


Everyday 6 times a day at fixed times, Duas are made by our Orphans/Needy families. Boys one side girls one side but simultaneously making the same Dua for all you Donor's.
Friday is ghatam Durood Shareef & making Dua for Donor's.
The 1st Thursday in every Islamic month ayat Kareemah ghatam shareef & Duas for Donor's.
If you would like your name/your family and your friends in the Dua, please donate whatever you can afford to help this project. Should you have any problems sickness/death in the family the orphans also making Dua by name. This is std procedure for us, to make ghatam Quran and send sawaab Dua for the deceased for 40 days.
JazakAllah khair.

Please go into my website and see what work I'm doing.

Al Qadri is the founder and chairperson of Jamia Misbahul Uloom (NPO), Karachi, Pakistan and Markaz Hadi Alam Welfare Foundation (NPO),Burhaan Shareef, Sardargarh, Punjab, Pakistan.

Hazrat Sheikh KMM Burhani Al Qadri was born in 1956 in the South of Punjab, Pakistan. After completion of his Alim course Hazrat Sheikh KMM Burhani Al Qadri devoted his life to work in the path of Islam for the pleasure of Allah (swt). Many people work in the path of Islam and from them there are few that truly stand out and make a difference. Hazrat Sheikh KMM Burhani Al Qadri is one such individual. He not only aims to make a difference but actually does so.

Hazrat Sheikh KMM Burhani Al Qadri established Jamia Misbahul Uloom (NPO), Karachi in 1981. From humble beginnings it has grown over the years from strength to strength. It caters for the indigent, destitute and poverty stricken local community in respect of their educational, financial and social welfare needs. However due to lack of resources Jamia Misbahul Uloom is currently not operating at optimal levels.

Over the years his eminence Hazrat Sheikh KMM Burhani Al Qadri has come to the belief that the indigent, destitute and poverty stricken from the villages tend to suffer manifold more than their counterparts in the cities. Villages by its nature being rural are located far away from cities and the amenities that cities provide. They invariably lack basic infrastructure. There are often no schools around and when there are, they are poorly equipped. Hospitals are also not conveniently located causing much distress as the indigent, destitute and poverty stricken who very often cannot afford to travel to the state hospitals and evidently cannot afford private medical care.

This dire situation is exacerbated by the fact that the youth having not gone to school cannot go for further studies. And this despairing and unfortunate situation seems to perpetuate itself like a never ending abyss, which they cannot escape as there is no help from anywhere. As if society has forgotten them. In the light of this dire situation his eminence Hazrat Sheikh KMM Burhani Al Qadri in 2012 acquired the land for Markaz Hadi Alam Welfare Foundation (NPO), which will encompass the following:

• Jamia Masjid Hadi e Alam – with a total covered area of 48360 sq ft, capacity 12000 musallies.
• Boys School and madressah – with 16 class rooms (30’x20’) and a computer lab in a double storied building.
• Girls School and madressah – a replica of the boys school.
• Hospital – with, out patients department and treatment for males and females separately with doctors’ inspection room, waiting area and medicine counter in a single story building.
• Office block and teachers’ staff rooms and legal aid services.
• Sport area and garden, which will include a sports ground with an adequate play area.
• Car park – a concrete paved parking lot with 50 car capacity.
• Tuck shop – canteen with kitchen and store
• Residences for the imam and moazzin
• Total land area – 9 acres

During 2012 Hazrat Sheikh KMM Burhani Al Qadri raised the funds and acquired adjacent buildings to Markaz Hadi Alam Welfare Foundation’s land to temporarily house our foundation. By the mercy of Allah (swt) we were able in 2013 to open our doors to primary school children and hospital and ambulance services began. Due to demand we were required to build further buildings to accommodate learners up until middle school.

Currently Markaz Hadi Alam Welfare Foundation (NPO) operates the following, without any charge to the recipients, from our temporary premises:

• Separate boys and girls schools up to middle school, including meals.
• Separate boys and girls’ madressahs, including hifz classes.
• Various vocational training programmes upon completion of middle school.
• Financial Aid for those that qualify for university courses but are financially unable to attend.
• Free hospital, medical care and ambulance services.
• Food, financial assistance and shelter for the destitute.
• Clothing and food hampers for the poor, widows, orphans and those in need.
• Legal services for those wrongfully accused.

Students and staff (males and females separately) also partake in the following daily dhikr programme:

• After Fajr salaah – Surah Yaseen khatam followed by dua for all benefactors, their families and all muslimeen.
• At the end of classes – Dua for all benefactors, their families and all muslimeen.
• After Asr Salaah – Dhikr followed dua for all benefactors, their families and all muslimeen.
• After Esha Salaah – Surah Waqiyah Khatam followed by dua for all benefactors, their families and all muslimeen.
• On Fridays – Durood Tunjeena followed by dua for all benefactors, their families and all muslimeen.
• First Thursday of the lunar month – Ayat e Kareema followed by for all benefactors, their families and all muslimeen.

Services provided at both institutions are provided without any charge to the recipients; as a result both organizations rely solely on the generosity of our benefactors, without which we are unable to be of any assistance to anyone. Nor are we able to further our vision and start construction on our permanent premises. A heartfelt appeal is hereby made to all our benefactors to not forget our organizations and those whom rely heavily upon us.

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